[WTB]Acrylic, prefer big in size

Where can I find the cheapest acrylic in size?

In need finding a huge one.

the bigger the better.

acrylic = Tranparent plastic/PVC (not sure if my acrylic got spelled wrong or not =X)

wut size u need? UV reactive model or not?

oO you got UV Reactive model?

yeap… by AC Ryan… or u wan custom size i think i can arrange for u…

k, how much per meter?

AC Ryan AcrylPanel™ 3mm - 480x480mm Black/UVBlue/UVgreen - RM80(normal RM90)
AC Ryan AcrylPanel™ 5mm - 480x480mm Black/UVBlue/UVGreen - RM90(normal RM100)


K I prefer those get from hardware shop.

too expensive lulz.

and first experience in cutting such thing, don’t dare take risk.

How much for those normal?

normal 1 i dunno… but u cant possibly get a nice cut for 3mm thick or 5mm think acrylic… got also they give u plastic or glass… no acrylic in miri…

lol ._.

okay, transparent plastic will cost how much? as long as its transparent and clear?

i duno… hehe… sry cant help… ask some shops lo…~