Wtb 2nd cheap tv

looking for cheap tv … furniture also interested as long it is usable n cheap…

wad tv u wan?

i have one crt tv if not wrong should be 32 In with “super cheap cheap prices”, but dont have remote and with one small color line broken, just need take to repair by your self.
And also super cheap cheap prices for auto washing machine 6KG, just when you spin dry, the drum will hit the cover make the noisy sound but it still can use, because the spring not good already, other all in good condition, you need take it to repair by your self.

if you interest just left me know.

just pm me wat u have… tv or furniture…if price is ok i buy la…

tv bought already… thanks u guys for the offers… NOW looking for 2nd hand bed +fan … just pm me … n if possible include pics n location pls…

Hi…any idea who can provide home service for washing machine repair. My Toshiba AW1107 is giving me rattling sound when it is in rinsing and spinning mode.
Please provide the contact number.

Thank you in advance.

PM me too