[WTA] which Camera recommended?

Dear All,

i’m interest on Nikon D3100 and Canon EOS 550D, and seeking for advise, which is better? Any one selling? 2nd hand also can. :smiley:
thank you.

perhaps 550d better…

i’m prefer nikon… :slight_smile:

Nikon D3100 has no autofocus motor. :expressionless:
Try get a D90 or D7000. hehe

look for the budget… hehehe…if have 3k++ u can get d7000 or d90…d3100 also good…if u want to find lens get the lens that have autofocus… :slight_smile:

How bout the latest nikon d5100? i think this is great…

for 550d and d3100.depemd on what you want,personally prefer d3100.

WOooosei! canon better la! fr MIQ…guess who?

Wish i can help u ^_^…
All Canon camera has built in AF-motor. like EOS 550D
Nikon D3100 does not has build in Af-motor.
But the D3100 can do much better than EOS550D
Try think your budget 1st, and then select a camera. Although D3100 don’t has build in motor but u can try select the lens that include AF motor… If u are a beginner then u can try to buy D3100, D5100 or D90.
Furthermore, u can also buy the Tamrom lens like 70-300mm (Quiet cheap) and this lens has it AF motor.
In simple way, Camera body don’t has built in motor. Then your should get a lens that has a AF motor.
Camera body has built in motor = Lens don’t need has AF motor also can…