[WTA]Where to buy this UPS battery?

I got a faulty battery from a UPS unit. Anyone know where I can buy this sort of battery in Miri?

If space isn’t a problem, car’s battery can be used on UPS too. My friend’s old UPS is using car battery and it works. But not sure all UPS work or not.


only those UPS specially use car battery can use the car battery, those smaller UPS run on the battery above

I really need to look for the one that can fit inside a UPS casing so car battery is out of the question.

HI whatman,
I can get for u…
the price around RM60.

[quote=“cfliang”]HI whatman,
I can get for u…
the price around RM60.[/quote]

Same voltage/ampere rating? What shop?

Ya same 12V, 7A…
I got the stock. :slight_smile:

Same size right? New?

If so, please provide contact info.


PM u alr.