[WTA] Where to buy manga in Miri?

Dear all,

I would like to buy manga in Miri, but where can I buy them?

Please advise.



Nowadays most people read manga online.


Plenty more just google for manga

You can read the latest manga from:

Or maybe you can go look for a bookstore inside Mega Apartment. They do have some manga for sell but sometimes the manga they sell are not updated (require some time for them to update). :slight_smile:

Dear whatman,

Thank you for the advice but I prefer to buy and read it in my hand :smiley:
(Plus the image is loading slow with my internet connection, therefore it is painful reading manga online for me)


That store in Mega is the shop I usually go, but it is now…disappeared. No maps or notice of moving is on the shutter door, guess it is closed down…
There are some mangas that I bought half way, but since the shop is now disappeared, I can’t complete the manga collection. Sigh, headache.

:shock: Din’t know that the shop has closed down. Then i think it would be hard to complete your collection in Miri here :(. Unless you get them from WM, they always have the latest one.


What do you mean WM? Please inform! :slight_smile:



reading online…

West Malaysia. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooow…Okay. Guess there’s no new manga shop in Miri. Thanks for the advice though.