[WTA]what the ## this message are?

DOOD…i just received 2 message with same person who write down my name as the title of these two messages…
anyone know what this suspicious message are anyway??

i receive ton of this type of email everyday, just ignore them by deleting them or report them as spam… never open the link above, mostly it will be a virus

oic…maybe this is the virus that one of mcnet member,PhilDC, talking about


similar to that

never believe this kind of email. scammers are getting clever nowadays. they found several ways to trick internet users.

wei kevin, u want to show ppl u got 4766 emails, is it? wah! u very important person, ooh? :mrgreen:

haha. i think he’s working with any international company as a customer relation officer. everyone is sending email to his account for inquiry.

OOPPSSS…shoot…i forgot to crop it :X
:oops: :oops:

more like too much crap mails … :stuck_out_tongue:

agree ! mails are meant to be deleted or to be read n keep … no point keepin so many unread mails … duh