WTA(What company should i go?)

Hi Guys, i’m currently an entrepreneurship student from Curtin University. Me and my groupmates are assigned to an assignment that, we have to interview a local entrepreneur. The bad news is that we tried to approach Boulevard IT Store, Emart and Hot Cross Bun. We got rejected because the owner was too busy.

So i would like to ask you guys that, is there any entrepreneurs here or your friends are willing to be interview? Thanks for the recommendations in advance.

why do you need to interview? just fabricate a story up that goes along with your assignment, at least that’s what smart students do back in my days. If you still insists, please interview me. I’m the net entreprenuer which started the trolling sensation in mcnet.

There are few criteria that we need to interview for the progress. 1) The management of company 2) Opportunity recognition 3) Finance sources. The minimum requirement for the assignment is minimum 5 years establishment in miri.

Haha, we wanted to fabricate the story but then this is a year 3 unit, which means that everything is going to be strict and fabricate story doesnt works that way. :smiley:

Try asking for Taib