Wta: watercooled i5-2500k idle and load temp

Hi, any one with experience know that what is the idle and load temp of a i5-2500k?
Set to turbo 4.2ghz with asrock p67 fatality
Using ek supreme hf block, hwlabs 240 radiator (1200rpm fan-push), mcp655 pump @ speed 3
Using ek coolant

Now running idle @ 30-34(aircon on), 36-40(no aircon)
Prime95 - half hr @ max 65(aircon)

Is this suppose to be the temp or it can do better? Thx

First time water cool…hehe:)

The temp looks ok for processor. Mine runs average of 50-60 celcius at room temp, but I use air cooling, and overclock.

Looks ok to me… But I still want to ask how did you apply the thermal paste? one dot(pea) method or line method on the heatsink?

If you see this with 22c room temp http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/31542 … mperatures

So yours is fine :wink:

I just put a small dot on the processor and press the whole cooler down, i do that for my old prolimatech oso

Then shud be fine… as you can see that fella in the link I posted with Aircooling and room temp 22 got up to 73c in Prime95. So urs is ok I believe.

Which hwlabs rad? The stealth thin rad arent that great in performance. But ur wc a bit underperforming my h80 with 2600k oc to 4.5ghz is only 70 in linx and bout 62 in prime, linx hits higher temps since it use avx which prime dont.

Mine is 12 to 16 degrees with aircond full blast. No aircond I dunno coz I always on aircond. No overclock though. Stock settings.

erm…hwlabs sr1…not sure what has gone wrong here

SR1 is low fan speed optimised, so push pull wont make much difference but will increase noise. Im thinking maybe cpu voltage a bit high or reapply and reseat the cpu and thermal paste? :smiley:

your aircon is blasting direct onto the cpu?

Not sure about the voltage, just use asrock oc profile, will try oc manually later, see how thing goes, thx yo all