[WTA] USB Port Hub's speed

Since its 4 port, will it delay if all the port are use?
Example, there is 2 mouses, 1 joystick and 1 racing wheel. All connected into a USB Port Hub. Then I play Live For Speed 2, I assigned left click as handbrake. Will it delay when I press left click while stepping the throttle and turning the wheel?

depends on your USB port and USB hub. make sure youre using USB hub high speed 2.0, or get a self powered USB hub is possible, such as belkin. or logitech,vztec, tinytech should be ok.

Self powered as in powered by batteries? How much usually does one like that cost?

of course to power supply. u dont want to recharge the batteries everyday. :smiley:

yes, technically there will be a delay but im sure u wont even feel it

i got my logitech powered usb hub for rm89 / 99 i think