[WTA] Streamyx 4 mbps at MIRI

Anyone stay at MIRI AIRPORT AREA using streamyx 4mbps package??

Currently i’m under 1mbps package… i want to upgrade it to 4mbps…

pls pls tell me MIRI can support til 4 mbps or not??

thanks… :slight_smile:

Why not call TM or go to TM Point easier again… faster… accurate… :smiley:

I failed my 4mbps test eventhough someone near me is using 4mbps.

now you get your answer already?

Here is the thing to pass 4mbps test

Your downstream:
Noise Margin must be 15dB and above
Attenuation must be 40dB and below.

And of course, your download speed must be 4mbps and above. If not gg.com to you.

I used Singapore server in Speedtest.net and the most I get only 3mbps on my OLD LINE. new line can’t even reach 2 properly.

Good luck in your application. I am waiting for the 1 month cool down period for this current old line And I am still able to use my 1mbps account on it, weird… and I am applying 2mbps.

I am from airport area. Currently on 2Mbps which serves me quite good, except during peak hours.

I think, 2Mbps will be sufficient eh. Anyway go for 4M if you can

if i upgrade to 4 mbps now and then within one month i terminate it and change to Streamyx cool uni pack… can or not??

Yes u’d have to pay termination fees cant remember how much… Normally there’s a 24 month contract period…

y do u need such a high speed???

cuz 1 mbps for me is too slow… we share 1 mbps for 3 laptop and 1 PC… sometimes the speed slow til even surfing net oso cannot…

i share 512kb with 3 cicaks. Nonstop xunlei, also no lagging. ITs ur line stablility issue. Fast speed does not necessary solve ur surfing problem. :mrgreen:[/quote]

if it’s my line stablility issue then how to solve it?? previously my rounter got problem keep on DC, after change one new rounter then no DC again, but nite time the speed is still slow, only early morning then my xunlei dl speed can reached til 100 plus ( but only connected to 1 pc and other laptop all shutdown)…

I believe one of your user is downloading movies, of course your internet will be slow cos all the bandwith is being used up by the downloader… If not, impossible 1Mbps connection is slow…

ya… my bro owes download drama using xunlei… once off his xunlei then our speed will become fast… if upgrade to 4 mbps then can 4 user watch PPS same time without lag or dc?? i realise PPS oso suck up my bandwith…

Can. you pay termination fee first for 350 bucks if still within 24 months contract

I get 200kB/s for my 1mbps. They actually gave me like 1.7mbps download speed rofl.

[quote=“dennos2”]My fren house with speedtest. :mrgreen:

may i know ur fren stay at which area?? he under which package?? :slight_smile:

dennos??? Upload 3.7MBps? but Download 149KBps? LOL

Upload 3mbps. good job.

All full of SH!t! my 2mb line now only doing 500kb/s! bollocks I say!

In Riam area only 1MPS nia…(highest)zzz