WTA: nike shoes info

where is the original nike shoes make from???i c alot of nike shoes in market is made from China, Vietnam and indonesia…are those original?? or…

Made in china or vietnam or Thailand or Philippines also all original, there are under license. Why? Cheap labor in these region has made it possible for Nike to maximize their profit while making their product competitive, price wise. Under license products are regulated or control by series of Quality Control procedures that even Nike made in US has… so no worries there mate. Just don’t go buy Nike shoe from Petaling Street. Almost all of the branded items on the market now are made under license… even LV or Gucci

It’s best to buy branded items from a trusted authorized store or boutique as they only sell authorized products, because you know you could never go wrong there.

ya…tats y i worried tat i pay for the fake stuff…pay more but no quality…but then how to differentiate original n fake stuff??

I heard from my friend(he got this info from his friend who is the boss anak L** center), i heard L** center sells fake goods, not all fake but some fake, they buy the shoes at a very low price and sell it at sky high. Once my friend offered me a nike running shoe 360 at rm300+, normally sold at rm600+…gila habis

tats y lor…we pay for tat sum of amount just want to get original product…later we wear out then ppl sae us wear fake stuff…so malu…

ya ka?

wow, will inform trade & consumer ministry