(WTA) Motorola Milestone/Droid

Is there any shop selling motorola milestone/droid in miri? What is the price?

i saw one in imperial mall tattoo arts (near lea sport centre)

around rm2K but the AP set now is alot cheaper

milestone has locked botloader so no overclock or custom ROM but it is can be rooted oredi

Thank haroldz. The price for ap set is about rm1.5k according to mobile88, but i wonder is there any shop here that also sell ap set of it?

buy online from low yat plaza forum?

or u can go n play2 with milestone at tattoo art before buying it

who knows u might not like the slide out qwerty keyboard

Yeah, you right. I should go play play with it before buying it. Aren’t online hard to get warranty service?

ask for warranty when u buy it n receipt too

i am using milestone over 1 month oredi

How was it? What was the price when you buy?

rm 1.9k via superbid

the internal memory could be bigger as ALL ANDROID apps r install on INTERNAL RAM.

u can read about it in low yat plaza forum in android section

After checking the price of n900, both phone price is around the same. If no one sell milestone here, maybe i should go for it?

u havent check tattoo arts at boulevard mall?

n900 cannot mms yet
nokia released n8 (symbian phone) so likely n900 will be abandoned
slow update

boulevard mall? not imperial mall? no wonder i don’t find any yesterday.

i think i saw 1 in bintang megamall…the shop that’s got the LG sign…ground floor old wing…thinkg of gettg a droid phone as well…

How about HTC Legend and Nexus one?
any shop sells them?

[quote=“Athrun_zala_faith”]How about HTC Legend and Nexus one?
any shop sells them?[/quote]

digi got very attractive HTC legend package but limited or no stock currently
have to wait long long

nexus one can order online tru low yat plaza

maxis will launched their android packaged phones which include motorola milestone