[WTA] Mineral Oil Submerged PC Rig

Quite a long time ago, I came across an experiment for a PC rig submerged in mineral oil conducted by an American custom computer company, and about 3 years have passed since then and the rig still remains extremely stable, stutter free and is able to maintain a low temperature despite staying clocked for 12 hours straight. They even went forward and made a version 2 complete with a radiator. ( mineral oil is known to have a hard time getting rid of the heat)

So I would like to ask any people who are well versed in computer hardware, about how much money would I need for the parts + the modifications for the hardware used, as well as a custom made housing (presumably a modified aquarium, with further modifying later on, to house the pc parts on the casing (like a regular pc) without oil leaking out)

Submerged PC rig

setting it up is easy. What bout cleaning it up? ahahaha

[quote=“dennos2”]Mineral oil is cheap. There is engine oil made by mineral oil.
Its multigrade somemore[/quote]
change every 5k or 3 month?

mineral oil is depend on which grade of base stock! not all is cheap lar!

The oil costs more money to buy, because it costs us a lot of money to make, very simply, you always get what you pay for!o

Cleaning up would be a big problem. Plus have to place the hard disks, DVD-rom outside of the system. Upgrade can be a mess too.

Nice idea though.

Wow… Oil oh… Can’t even imagine it…

[quote=“whatman”]Cleaning up would be a big problem. Plus have to place the hard disks, DVD-rom outside of the system. Upgrade can be a mess too.

Nice idea though.[/quote]
cleaning up is not a issue if no dust how to clean? :mrgreen: i saw some reviews on tomshardware or others b4 they do it on p3 overclock it. that was the time where the water cooling system was huge in design + liquid nitrogen cooling.
to own a computer was more cheaper now compare to b4 2000.

I recall the oil only started getting murky after one year, was still not a problem though. I believe that a valve at the bottom sealed with with rubber/silicon guard should do it. It’s basically having pc in aquarium, it’s basically for people with enough time to actually take care of their pc. HD is already placed inside after some mods to it SSD hard drive I think can submerge. DVD rom unfortunately has to be outside, but I was thinking more of a bilayer version (upper layer has another seal, like car petrol input) of that for oil and open air parts, then parts like dvd roms can be included as well.

BTW, mineral oil = horse laxative, about maybe rm 25-30 per gallon, need about maybe rm 200 for one oil change. However, I do believe they can last for at least more than a year. And also, I learned humidity affects the temperature, so it might be bad idea to make it in Malaysia. We are very humid.

that is actually kinda awesome. heh. might wan to try and build one and show it to the pc fair if i have the $$

wanna diy refer this http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/str … ,1203.html