[WTA] Lotus Elise

how many units of Lotus Elise are there in miri? just asking. planning to get one soon…

u have good taste of cars… RESPECT for u… 8)

miri used to have 1 exige last time. the only lotus in miri i think. :smiley:

used to have one exige. crashed.
no lotus in miri at the moment i think…

u’ll have hard time finding the oil filter come servicing schedule later, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

yeap. prefer lotus exige more but the price is just too much for me. i saw the lotus exige before. lime green color. anyone have pictures of the accident? maybe can send to me or what…would love to modify or convert it to exige bodykit but all depends. might just add lips and spoilers to it. looks good enough and of course spray my fav color “lime green” just like the exige before.
vertigo: what’s the problem with finding the oil filter? are they mechanics good enough to service lotus cars in miri?

i don’t think it’s hard to maintain the car, just the availability of the parts available here could be a problem if you car is due for periodic maintenance, needless to say any minor/major repair.