[WTA] How much a PC casing cost?

As the title indicated, what is the price for standard microatx computer casing and where can I find one? Of course, cheaper is better.

200 edi can get 1 lor…if u want fancy type like cooler master maybe 300+ and above depending on spec oso

CM no microatx casing i think… theres a lot of microatx casing out there… er… I-cute also got… if u wan can ask me for the price la… mostly all from kuching send in la… can help u get…

Nah, I just wanna know the current market price before I buy from a retailer. Thx for the respond though.

its hard to get in miri i think… not sure also… havent bumped into any in miri la…

I see plenty of nice casing at AVF. But be warn about the price.

Actually, I find some at Bintang Plaza top floor where a pc stores located and other small pc shops. There is some few selection, of course, not that fancy type with light or fan, and it cost around RM99-150.

If u have budget u can try CM casing & i-Cute casing…good quality…

haha…if u 1 get from kl or kuching…they offer better price then miri…but postage fee kinda exp but if u calculate…buying from kl is still cheaper for certain products especially CM

I suggest that you should aim for good quality mATX case as it is able to provide good ventilation to your system. Well, if you get from kuching. Postage won’t be so expensive if you use bus.