WTA: How about Nokia 5800


Here,im have a few question
DO this hp really have gps?i mean really can use in Miri?
how bout the maps??
And then,any problem occurs when using this phone?
I mean like lagging or else ka…

Hopefully forumer can help me on this.
I will gona buy this hp soon

Yes it is GPS equipped, both nokia ovi & garmin mobile XT software is compatible with this phone. Maps can be downloaded…malaysia map easy to get…

thanks for dat…
isnt really correct ley??

ya, used it be4, correct n accurate, but will lag like 1sec if compared to garmin gps

i need the phone that have gps but need the higher accuracy :slight_smile:
bytheway,data plan charge aite?

The gps of this phone is accurate and provide more detail then Google map in android phone. Beside, OVI map is free !

Not to fond of OVI navigation system, confusing…plus the map is not updated.Garmin better…loud & clear…