(WTA)> where can get ice cream powder in miri

any1 know who got supply soft ice cream powder in miri ? thx :smiley:

u can get from the bakery supply shop next to golden kitchen

i want to buy the powder too!
may i know where’s golden kitchen?

sorry…new mirian here… :smiley:

Speaking of ice cream, anyone know where to get the type of powder used to make ice mocha that you often see at kokoberry?

power ? :stuck_out_tongue: do they sell thick cream there? you can make ice cream with thick cream…

for mocha i normally mix milo+nescafe/coffee powder…then blend it with ice…

damn…craving for it now…

emart supermqrket. i saw a few

also where can i get the ice cream machine in Miri or Sarawak here? anyone know?

This fellow is selling it:


There are lots of places to get ice cream powder.There are so many stalls and so many super markets go to any one and you will have what you want.It is quite simple as that there is nothing to think about it.

chop kim joo near SRB Chung Hua miri…

Hi i have selling soft ice cream machine distributor Sabah and Sarawak… Factory Direct price … for more information pls contact 016-415 7878

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