[WTA]Cup Printing Service?

yes,as mention in the title,is ther any place/shop that provide cup printing service? which means i want to print my own picture onto the cup?
any recommendations from u all? price wise of coz.
thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Yes… parkson & boulevard got. Call 016-8549863 Chong Wei

is it a shop or?

RM29 for regular cup.
RM35 for cup which got colour inside.
RM40 for cup that image appear after filling hot water inside…

If I’m not mistaken…

wgn_white,do u mind to tell me wher is it the place? thanks!

You can go boulevard 3rd floor.
There’s custom printing shop there.


Bintang Jaya Old Wing
Third or second floor… There’s small booth there…

ok thanks a lot yea.

Just call the no given by me… he’s the taukay who own both of the shop.