[WTA] component set

yo guys, im looking for a good component set (2 tweeters + 2 crossovers + 2 components) for less than RM350.
ive gone around miri and i found the sony xplod Xs-gtx1620 selling for RM299.


i wanna ask if any of u guys out there are using these component set or have used it before, are they any good (for the price im paying that is)?

ive seen alot of other ‘unknown’ brands like mingwei, boschmann etc and they pretty much cost about the same. however im not interested in them as they are probably just counterfeits. i saw a pair of infinity tweeters selling at ±RM70. are they fake too?

ofcourse some of u might want to suggest other brands and if u do, pls include how much it cost roughly so i can budget myself (oh and pls stay within my RM350 budget :mrgreen: )

if you guys know where i could get polk audio or rockford fosgate at that price pls let me know :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

would really appreciate your advice! thanks!