[WTA] Babysitter around krokop area?

Anyone knows any babysitter around krokop area?
Pls share with me.

if Pulau melayu u want…?? my kids nanny also looking for baby/kids to jaga. can try call her 016-8167165 (kak tini).

My kid’s teacher also become a babysitter after school. if u need after school, can call mdm Ong 016853787. She is tadika krokop teacher.

both of them r very nice person… :slight_smile:

TQ for the info… but i prefer chinese… and i need office hours care

how old is ur kids? 3 years got nursery at tadika krokop. Fee is RM150+RM30(for food) per month. After school (can try) Mdm Ong can jaga ur kids… if ur kids is 3 years old n above la… if below that, cant help u… :wink:

she’s below 3… near to 2… i’m putting her at nursery now, but i think she can’t cope with the environment, keep getting sick… so i’m looking for babysitter now…