I just recently bought a laptop with Win7 Home Premium preloaded (extra RM200-RM300). The only cd that i have is Driver/Utility DVD. Earlier this year, i bought ASUS laptop also preloaded with WIN7 Home Premium. I have three DVD: Driver/Utility DVD, 32bit Recovery DVD and 64bit Recovery DVD.

Should i given the extra dvd: Recovery DVD??

Just now i performed recovery/reformat for the 1st laptop using Recovery DVD. Everything ok including original OS and driver, software etc… So i think i should be given Recovery DVD for the 2nd laptop since i bought with preloaded OS not Free DOS or blank OS

Which model did you buy? For mine (U35J series) you need to burn the DVD recovery disc on your own. Just click on “AI Recovery Burner” and follow on screen instruction. Alternatively read from the instruction manual.

a42dr…the 1st laptop was K40IE comes with DVD recovery…AI Recovery need more than 1 dvd?