WTA Aquarium Stand

Where do you guys buy/custom make it?
I’m planning to buy a 72" x 24" x 24" (inch) aquarium.
Where can I custom make the stand?
Or where can I buy it?
Thanks for your reply =)


i have a friend to make this. u wan normal stand or with cupboard bottom?

I have one secondhand 36’ x 24’ x 24’ Aquarium and full set with Aluminium Stand. Are you interested?



best to get a proper carpenter to make it for you, u need good bracing to withstand the weight. Let me know in PM if u want someone to do it for you. My company has carpenters which we can contact to do jobs for us offshore.

if u wan cheap get boltless racking very easy assemble 1http://www.yesgroup.com.my/catalog/images/Boltless%20Rack%2001.jpg

for 6ft cannot la that one… :S