WT Sell new unlocked iphone 8GB

hi, i will be bringing in 8GB iphone to town.
jus an offer, the iphone is new and can be sold at Rm1680 if u want… but gotta wait
for a few weeks’ time in order for me to get the stocks…
i will personally unlock it and make sure everything works before selling to you.
and yeah, btw, my phone is completely new so no worries bout scratches or anything :slight_smile:
jus pm me if ure interested

new iphone want arrive liao eh?legal 1 i mean

nope… don think the legal ones will arrive soon enough… personally , i think it will b some time at the beginning of next year or soonest is the end of this year…

o.o july la

save one for me
where is your shop?

i personally don have a shop, i’m jus selling it for my fren… maxwell,you got pm