Would you turn down an 8k job?

work away from family
included food, accommodation and air tickets to Europe[/quote]

well, if u fell work away from family is hard for u, if u feel scare work alone away from family, if u feel be with family is important, … then i think RM8k is no meaning to u, cause money cant buy family … and feel, but provided u have better solution that u can be with family and still can earn a living, then i think RM8k is also no much meaning for u … my friend, if u dun have solution then u still feel wan to be with ur family, then i strongly advise u please consider online business, i had earn good income from online business, and most of the time i do nothing but can earn a good living and be with my family and also work where ever i want, u can Flip Domains For $1,000 Profit online, it is just like real estate … but this is just flip domain online, u can check out this video …


really hope this can help u :slight_smile:

overseas income is not taxed[/quote]

overseas income will not be taxed IN Malaysia. but then you will be taxed according to the tax law in those respective country. unless you’re going to work in one of those income tax free country, then different story la…

TS, why are u making it so hard for everyone? Make it simple…

Current pay less than 8k, take it
Current pay more than 8k, get lost


just dont become “keldai dadah”.
make sure what job are waiting for you.

Before this, I was an offshore worker. based at Europe countries. RM8k is big at M’sia. But when you are travelling in Europe, the smaller you can get back when you are time off to Malaysia… With flights 3>4 days from Msia to Europe… so sick…! :cry: