Would u b interested in MLM plan tht goes globalization

They are looking for aggresive person to join their franchising business currently in Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.
If u are interesting in this MLM plan, please post ur questions here, and I will try to explain ur question. Thanks~ :wink:

hav been browsing through the Job field in tis forum, quite some people are looking for job
besides, am often hearing my frens complain bout their job and bos

if u consider urself an aggresive, responsible, hav the talent but stil not doin well in ur job and feel frustrated
so wat if there is a chance for u to be the bos and manage the business???
would u grab the chance and go for it instead of saying no to urself??

I share tis MLM plan here coz I see the opportunity in it since it has been globalized
so are looking for aggresive people to join in to build the network

instead of u urself buying the prodcuts and try to sell it to people,
company now would provide a shop for u,
the location of the shop will be investigated to comfirm there is enough customer group prior to opening,
(the larger the customer group, the higher chance u may have for walk-customer)
to reduce members’ financial issue, shop rental, furniture and products for selling are all provided by company to a qualified shop operator,
and note tis, only female can be the shop operator after they hav joined as a member and pass an exam, sorry guys :stuck_out_tongue:
for male, they can still b a member, but their job will be looking for aggresive and ambitious female who wan to open/own her on shop, and let them b ur downline,
frankly, female hav more advantages in this business, coz they can open a shop to earn income AND look for other female who wan to open shop and let them b her downline, then the income would b increase at the same time :wink:
doesn’t tht sound interesting??

and now, since it is goin globalize, if u hav relatives or frens at oversea, they can join in and b ur downline or ur downline’s downline :smiley:
by tis kind of chance, u can build ur network as large as u wan
the income will increase according to the downline u have, the more downline u got, the more income u earn
so, male member not only look for potential member but also helping others to get potential member, by helping others, u r helping urself as well

tis is a brief explanation, hope u would find it interesting :wink:

interesting… perhaps u can PM me …thank