Worldwide Drilling Contractor Weblink

Guys, some Worldwide Drilling Contractors link if anyone who wish to try your luck and apply for a job online with them… :lol: :lol:

ATWOOD Oceanic -
Frontier Drilling -
Santa Fe Drilling -
NABOR Industry -
Noble Drilling -
Patra Drilling -
Pride International -
Smedvig -
Stena Drilling -
Rig Zone - … _drilling/

ok… that’s it… remember if u get a job with the above link, do not forget to buy me a a coffee okie… :wink:

Forgot another important one… this is world’s largest offshore drilling contractor with a fleet of 83 mobile offshore drilling units. 8) 8)

Okie… Good Luck Mirian… :wink: :wink:

just to add 2 more links for the ppl… :smiley: … erkey.html

is ther any frontier-drill office locates at miri?

thanks for sharing info…much appreciated :slight_smile:

Umm…Sapura Crest?