World War II bomb found in Lutong?

Anyone seen photos of bomb in this news?

A Second World War bomb that was found buried at Kampung Pasir Lutong, about 12 kilometres from here yesterday had been detonated by the Police Bomb Disposal Unit on Monday.

Miri Police Chief ACP Jamaludin Ibrahim told Bernama today that the unit detonated the 18-inch long bomb at about 9.00am today in a clearance area near the abandoned Lutong airstrip.

Confirming that the bomb was from the 1940s war, he said it was found by a 45-year-old welder who was in the midst of clearing the compound of his house at the village at about 6.30pm Sunday.

While trying to dig out the roots of a tree, the welder felt the hoe he was using had struck on a rusty metal before realising that it was a bomb.

Police who were immediately informed of the finding had cordoned off the area upon arrival before their Bomb Disposal Unit extracted the explosive away for safe detonation.

Meanwhile, Jamaludin advised residents in Lutong to be extra careful when doing their gardening or digging around their compound.

He added that there could be more of the war bombs scattered around the area as Lutong had come under heavy bombings during the war.

Anyone who found such bombs or came across any kind of iron material that raised their suspicion should contact the police immediately for the sake of their own safety, he added.



Dont want go there anymore


lol…my family used to lived there before… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you know that while Taman Selera was being built that a live bomb was discovered in the ‘pondoks’ area and detonated? It was only a couple of feet below the ground. Imagine if it wasn’t detected. They may be more buried in the taman!

Call of Duty site

this bomb can be a priceless collectable item. sayang la he give it to the police.

lol… if not u wan to keep it? who knows later it activate… more charm… haha

no ma, since the police oredi deactivate the bomb, then it’s safe liaw and keep it at home lo. Frame it nicely and exhibit it or something, polish it kilat kilat, i think tat is one of the antique tat is priceless lo. Who knows 1 day u can sell the bomb to the museum for 1 million le… jhahahaha

lol, or just use it during CNY.

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