Works to improve Medan Niaga Miri to start soon

SEDC’s Medan Niaga building in Miri.

KUCHING: Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) has assured the tenants at its new ‘Medan Niaga’ building in Miri that the improvement works there would be undertaken soon.

Tenants who have set up their operations at the trading centre are given an extended grace period for the rental, pending the completion of the works.

This was announced by SEDC general manager Abdul Hadi Datuk Abdul Kadir in a press statement issued to the local media following a news report about the plight faced by the tenants at the new building.

“We fully understand the situation that they (tenants) are facing and the necessary works will be done as soon as the tender is out for the contractor to be appointed.

“The building is still new and the OP (occupational permit) has been issued by Miri City Council, but the Medan Niaga is yet to be officially declared open to the public. However, we have given the opportunity to the tenants to start their business there in view of the festive occasions, where they can start selling their goods,” he said.

According to Abdul Hadi, SEDC has planned to promote the new shopping arcade right after its official opening, which should be after the completion of the rectification works on the building.

“The design of the building itself is based on an open concept whereby there are lots of balconies to make the individual units visible to the public; unfortunately, the elements of weather such as downpour, may cause rainwater to spill over into the building.

“This is rather unfortunate because such situation only happens during extreme wet weather, and we do sympathise with the tenants.

“We would like to assure our tenants that a long-term solution has been reached and in the meantime, we will extend the rental grace period and will ensure speedy completion of the works,” he added.

Abdul Hadi regarded the new Medan Niaga as a part of the government’s continued initiatives to provide affordable business premises to local entrepreneurs.

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