Working in Brunei

Ya. Here’s some proof of Brunei’s somewhat 1-sided government:

Yellow IC (Citizen) = Free of charge when going to Uni of Brunei, Government pay the yellow IC holder lagi, for allowances
Red IC (PR) = Pay for fees at Uni of Brunei
Green IC (Foreigner)= less than 5% chance of getting in…

yes ure totally rite Kelrys

most countries give more privileges to citizens, though im aware nation like US do not differentiate between citizens & green card holder (PR), only the rights to vote. since we do not have election here, the welfare & subsidies can be treated as some sort of ‘compensation’. nevertheless my mum refused to give up her m’sian citizenship (she’s from kuching) cos she enjoys voting.

also im well aware that 70-80% of chinese population in brunei are not granted citizenship, making them stateless. this is specifically mentioned in the wikipedia article ‘statelessness’. such policy is disastrous as the nation most talented group come from here, there are many cases these people become very successful & well-known abroad then claim they have never been bruneians. iban & dayak people are not integrated into the mainstream classification but instead listed under ‘other indigenous people’. the brunei government considers them too ‘low class’ & ‘primitive’ to fit into the bumiputra group.

anyway lace, out of 100 people who go for the citizenship exam here, maybe only 8-9 will get it. brunei isn’t singapore, she is supremely selective and doesnt care much even if your highly-educated or highly-talented. only factors which can get you far is wealth/fame & connection. if possible, the govt would like the country to be like luxembourgh, liechtenstein or monaco - land of the rich & famous, best all citizens belong to that types. this mentality is reflected in that they use the country’s wealth to snap up some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and make it into a collection: , instead of investing in strategically important technological or industrial companies, or at least, buy up few percent stakes of shell worldwide, to have greater say in the global HQ of a company that is so vital to the country.

Not to be too proud here, I’m the only chinese throughout my Bank job assessment, and the others are malays (hence Yellow IC holders). And I was suprise I was the only one called for interview after that, and I scores the job:)

uk graduated? its possible in banking/finance, educational, medical, airlines, technological/communication, engineering sectors + other GLC companies. its lacking people there.

though not to be offense, it may not be possible for u to get to the very top position. brunei is very eager to show the world its top and most ‘progressive’ people come from one specific race. the next thing you know, the person under u may suddenly become your superior due to racial background. happen frequently.

regardless of all these, its only limited to govt/institutional cases. im sure the people will mix pretty well :slight_smile: im from chinese school, then to malay school, then to english school, and didnt encounter much problems socializing with people.

I plan to work in Brunei in 2011 in airlines industry or Hotel line…well…still in consideration actually…have anyone got something to say…?erkk…btw…i have degree in hospitality and Master in Human Resource development…urmm…are there any good companies to work for?

i hope i could get a job there too… but too bad KB has less job opportunity… :frowning:

i just started workin in brunei for a month for some pretty decent starting pay…all i gotta say is if u ain’t got relatives or at least a car you’re gonna need lots of patience to reach that point of satisfaction here.

no worry, as long u got friends, handphone, car and GPS then easy for u to go a place!!!
working at brunei enjoy the different life style!!
cant simply drive fast, cant simply smoking, never try to call during driving, giveway when driving and etc!!!

oh…i wish i could…and hopefully there will be more oppurtunities in the future…

i also wish to work in brunei… now looking for suitable job… hope everyone get wat they are looking for now… jsut been to an interview there… but still waiting for answer!!

[quote=“mevotex”]go here, brunei largest website

click on jobs n search[/quote]

Am a professional Mirian with multi skills in Purchasing/expediting as well as Materials & Logistics coordinator,
I do material inventory auditing (clean up of shortage & overage discrepancises)

Any opening at the moment, who knows please?

Thanks & krgds

huhuhu try looking for brunei shipyard or dockyard work but no found email to sent just address. can help me here guys.

I work in Brunei. 28/28 rotation. Pay is ok but if dunno saving susah also, because no EPF.

terima more and speend more!!! must control your payout!!! but i m sure when u biasa brune style and u unlikely to come back miri!! 1st u meet, damn slow driver in the wrong lane while they driving on highway!!! right?

how’s their culture?are they same like malaysians?some of my friends said…they r quite sensitive n conservative…(im not sure bout this…but i believe different people face different life experience and people…)…

Dear Mr Papalok yr forum Dec 7.2009 referred

I am used to 28/28 which is OK. I wonder if you can tell me yr employer & address in Brunei so that i can send my CV to their HR

Many thanks for sharing
kind regards

u try at Beribi area in Bandar their ara so many job opportunity there… i tell u ive been working at the hotel there and the salary is quite good too …

Any good website for job openings in brunei?? They don’t seem to post anything online, in fact I haven’t found much of an online community yet in Brunei.

actually there few online community i can try looking for brunei job, try the following few site:

3- buy brunei bulletin for wed and sat (the bookstore on lvl 3 at boulevard, they alway have it, try buying it in the morning, afternoon mostly out of stock)