Working in Brunei

Anyone have experience working in Brunei? Would like to know how’s the min wage, environment, working culture, and of course finding opportunities working there (what sort of jobs/part time jobs). In general any desk jobs, which covers the administration areas, whether it is in the oil & gas industry, education, etc. Would like to know your opinion. Thanks for your time.

input pls tq
i also wann kno…
well i ve got brunei frens but then outsiders aint same wth them

hi, i m working at brunei … so at first the working environment is totally new, beside that working attitude hv to follow which u will feel it! salary off course higher than here oh!!! B$1k = RM2410 at the moment!!!

if u work at bandar area will enjoy different life, however if work at seria or kuala belait for sure u will be bored and wanna back miri!!!

not so sure as i dont have a comparing base, depending on company but heard foreigners cept westerners will encounter some form of discrimination. having a car is vital. good high-paying jobs (unless in shortage) are open only or prioritize to citizens & pr. company expects to pay foreigners a lower wage. social connection are important.


locals are lazy, uncompetitive & prone to mistakes or performing poorly. usually there wont be much pressure cept in banking sector, though shell is known to push employees hard. if u do it good promotion might be fast.

1st part totally agreed as i have a fren tat has been working hard to get the citizenship
2nd part not sure…
but than
guess ure rite ask ure from bsb
alex seems enjoy life there…

rental in seria/kb is higher than in bandar if im not mistaken…but food in kb/seria is cheaper than in bandar…
pay wise…depends…majority of oil and gas company are in kb/seria…working in oil and gas of coz will have very nice pay…
if u are more into technical/engineering field its easier for u to apply job in brunei…if ur in accounts/business/admin side its a bit tough coz they prioritize citizens/pr…

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wah…very good! :mrgreen:[/quote]

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Where do u find such vacancies in o&g? Tried googling but cudnt find a realible site. If u have any sources, wud like to know these companies in kb, seria. Only been to bsb but nvr in kb. Lots of philipinos (i supposed they r) working in malls, whr ironically 1 of the mall’s name is ‘the mall’. Always heard tht local bruneians r lazy in nature as they dont hv 2 work hard since the sultan is lending his golden hand to them. Bt i dont want to comment more on this, it’s maybe just an assumption. If anyone have the sources n contacts or sites for me to seek opportunities, wud b very helpful if u cud share that.

well i think relationship is the appropriate way…
if nto u walk in lor…

go here, brunei largest website

click on jobs n search

I am working in Brunei.

For me its good, coz there are no personal tax. So what you earn, is what you will take home. is a good place to start but try to get hold of Borneo Bulletin for Saturdays, its where most of the job advert would be in.

As for the environment, I guess anywhere you go would be more or less the same. Politics, discrimination, etc etc. We work at a slower pace here

As for the people, I think its up to individuals. Some are hard working and some are plain lazy.

Rentals are quite reasonable in Bandar area while rentals in KB are usually more expensive.

Cars are essential as the public transport here sucks.

a favorable currency rate doesnt necessary mean u’ll be better off, ur daily expenses would be in local currency too. plus rental, transport expenses, etc.

if so i better work at kuwait, cos 1KWD = B$5 8)

sure or not oh…? how much salary ?

Brunei is a nice country to work…tax free^^but very boring…except weekend go limbang,miri o labuan to relief the “boring”…

although it is bored after working hour, but this is where you can able to save your money. example like you are working in miri, your salary is 1k, you go out clubbing once a week and spent RM200, in the end of the month nothing left. in brunei, you earn B$1k, the most you spent on food, rental, transport, and no other entertainment, then your bank account confirm be full. Look on the bright side if you wanted to work there.

If u plan to work in Brunei, consider the following:

IC, most companies are under paying green ic holders (foreigner)
Accommodation, of course Seria and KB will have lower rentals, but also less job opportunities

U need to get to BSB for more job opportunities, but they have more expensive rental there. I’m a Bruneian PR and I’ll be working in BSB as a bank teller for Baiduri this coming July. I can help asked for accommodation and vacancies.

lol, again people only see the currency rate. they should know if they earn bnd$, they will likewise pay their expenses in bnd$

Ya, u must have a car. I’m malaysian but I have bruneian PR. So my ic is red. And I still need to learn road directions in bsb, not familiar…

lols i got 1 fren is nw trying hard to get citizenship~lols all bruneians shud fight hard for that too…