Work together with village chiefs to move forward – Rep

Long Suling JKKK chairman Ding Lah (third left) presents a souvenir to Dennis while others look on.

MIRI: The rural folk are urged to give their total support and work closely together with their village chiefs for continued progress in all aspects.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said it is important to uphold the spirit of unity among villagers.

“Many longhouses are stuck and can’t move forward, in parts, due to certain individuals or groups who cannot see eye-to-eye with the village chiefs and their committees.

“They oppose all plans proposed, and at the end nothing moves in the village. Without progress, many young people will leave their longhouses for greener pastures in towns, leaving many longhouses as empty shells,” he said this at a Christmas gathering organised by JKKK Long Suling in Telang Usan recently.

Dennis thus urged the JKKKs to make short, medium and long term plans to ensure systematic and modern development in terms of amenities and facilities in the longhouses.

Long Suling is a new settlement with young and educated individuals who could lead the village and its JKKK.

“I want to see a new and modern way of doing things and development taking place in Long Suling,” Dennis added.

Commenting on the Christmas celebration, he said the gloomy economic situation in the country did not have much impact on the rural folk in Telang Usan. They would make an effort to return home to celebrate the joy of Christmas with their families, relatives and fellow villagers.

“Long Suling is situated strategically along the Baram highway, with beautiful panoramic view and surroundings that has great potential to grow into a progressive village.”

Dennis added that he would assist the JKKK in getting funds from Unit for Other Religions (Unifor) to build a church in the village.

At the function, he presented Minor Rural Project (MRP) fund worth RM20,000 for the longhouse building fund and another RM10,000 to the village JKKK.

Meanwhile, more than 300 people attended the Christmas celebration.