Work in Dubai

hi, is there any 1 ve a reliable route to work in Dubai?

Why go so far? :wink:

hmmm… for $ lo wht else…? wahahaha…!

Dubai is a nice, high-standard living place… that’s what I feel for that vastly international city…

try Emirates?! they have reliable routes into Dubai :mrgreen:
close yr eyes when landing though…
their cameras showing the out-side views, as you fly into airport,
are quite freeky & you end up muttering to yourself… “left a bit, left a bit, up, UP!!”

ermm, apart from LOTS of sand, a Woolworth’s superstore (UK!) & more sand,
busy air-conditioners everywhere, & lots of shopping malls,
all the city has to offer is a convenient retirement ‘village’ for all those old expats?
(sorry Mum!! :lol: )

can anybody post some suaks or other nice cultural venues?!

My dad try once…but not in Dubai…he tried at Abu Dhabi…got offer but he reject since we just transfer from overseas…

hey, bunyimanok… can u feed me the info how ur dad got those source?

try to call this number 0379606915 Lalsat

10s! and i got the agent contact…

what type of job you looking for? yep, dougie is right if you’re want to be stewardess… Emirates airlines hire employees from anywhere… like what most company in Dubai do… (because most of company overthere is from outsider…LOL).

Anyway, its good place to gain experience… but not for stay long. 2 years and I had enough… because you’ll get bored to see sand everyday (as you can see in my avatar)

Just make sure you got free accomodation, because paying rental is NIGHTMARE in Dubai :shock: