Women want action against China mistresses

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SICK and tired of their husbands having affairs with foreign women, a group of wives are asking the authorities to tackle the problem.

China Press reported that the group wanted the authorities to act against foreign women who misused their social visit passes.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong said this year alone, the bureau received 35 complaints of men leaving their wives for foreign women.

The most recent case is of a restaurant owner who left his wife and two children for his girlfriend from China.

The mans wife, identified as Xie, 29, from Selangor, said her husband would go to China for at least two months to be with his girlfriend.

When I cornered him, he beat me up instead, the seamstress claimed.

Sin Chew Daily quoted Chong as saying that such wives were willing to give information on the foreign women for the authorities to arrest them.

I hope the husbands of these women realise their mistake. I have seen how mistresses mistreat the wives after snatching the men away, he said.

Business in the name of fame

Unscrupulous people are using Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yens name to secure business.

Nanyang Siang Pau quoted Dr Ng as warning these people to stop, as it was tantamount to cheating.

Dr Ng said she was often invited to witness the signing of memoranda in her capacity as deputy minister.

But that does not mean that I have a share in the company.

yong tau fu, hehhehe.

I think those China dolls have some kind of Voodoo magic la… one of my friends oso kena… assigned to work in China… hook up with this girl and divorce his wife back in Miri…

These girls, I’m telling you, are well-trained in marital arts, not martial arts! :wink: :wink: :wink:

This is very sad. Interesting that you, Cupid say these women are trained marital arts, because in a way it is. It is unfortunate that these women choose this way of life for the means of survival, security, love etc. Probably in their belief, if it means to steal another woman’s happiness so that I could be happy, than why not? But then again, is being lured by these women the main problem for the collaspe of a marriage?

there are 2 sides to those stories.
the man is just as much at fault as the ‘china doll’
sounds like the husbands are very weak minded

[quote=“Logan”]there are 2 sides to those stories.
the man is just as much at fault as the ‘china doll’[/quote]

That’s true… :wink:

itu pau sana lagi sedap lehhh…

Is it LOVE or is it LUST?

That’s depend on how strong is the faith between couple… Everything happened for a reason… there is always a cause and effect… I should say these “desparate housewives” should find out the root cause of the problem first… taking harsh action without going into details doesn’t solve anything…

Next, the authority should do something on the mushrooming of the so called “Health Centre” around town… The last I heard is that, there are at least 50 Chinese national women entering Sarawak daily… :shock:

do you mean “pau panas” arrr??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

maybe bigger pau’s.

Speaking from the wild horny male perspective, surely some of us have been indulging in the same old curry dish for too long… :lol: :wink:

As a sensible loving horny man, I say, "Let’s control our male hormones and think of the consequences of our actions first!!! It’s not just a matter of love or lust-if we’re in a stable relationship, we should be committed to our vows and our betrothed / married ones or immediate families. To put it plainly, guys, be responsible. 8)

By the way, there’s this ancient saying: “one night of pleasure; a lifetime of mercury” (Mercury was used in the old days in Europe to cure venereal diseases). :wink: :frowning:

hhmmm speaking frm own experience??? :shock: :?

By the way, there’s this ancient saying: “one night of pleasure; a lifetime of mercury” (Mercury was used in the old days in Europe to cure venereal diseases). :wink: :([/quote]

Current saying “mercury can kill you”… :lol:

0.025 mg/ cm3 is malaysian limit for mercury vapour…
1 droplet will kill within a few months…
imagine urself working away from ur wife (no urut2 at nite) and surrounding by many single girlz in china.
smart one will get many chinese gfs, lustful one will married one!!

These china dolls must have a way with those men lah. I have a friend who is “addicted” to them too. Even the night before the wedding, he went out with the china girlfriend. Even after the wedding, still the same lor…and dun want her to know he’s married so when he’s out with her, he took off his married ring leh…then he lost it. Dunno what he told his wife about the lost ring lah but she bought his story. None of my business to interfere so just keep quiet lor. But I feel sorry and sad for the wife.

Yes, for the sake of Science: I wanted to discover how many varieties of curry dishes there were in the world and their effects on men psychologically and physiologically. :roll:

The reason why all the ‘china dolls’ are leaving China may be in one of these photos