Women get modelling offers but fall into sex trap

KUALA LUMPUR: Claiming to be a photographer for a US-based modelling agency, he would approach women in shopping complexes with the promise of international fame and big bucks.

Using this ruse, the 33-year-old local man duped at least 10 young women into posing in the nude for him and even having sex with him.

The women were then blackmailed with exposure of their photographs in the nude if they went to the authorities.

This was the ploy used by the man who was eventually nabbed by Kuala Lumpur police at his house in Selangor on Wednesday.

His game went bust when two of the women lodged reports against him after realising that they were conned.
City CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Ku Chin Wah said police seized two photo albums and a CD containing nude photographs of at least 10 women.

The victims were mostly said to be college students.

Police believed the suspect had been operating for at least a year, looking for victims in shopping complexes and other public places in the Klang Valley.

"He promised the victims RM40,000 for one photography session. The victims did not suspect anything when he used only a handphone to photograph them.

“The sweet-talking con man would then raise the offer to RM60,000 if the women stripped and posed nude for him. He eventually got the gullible women to have sex with him with the promise of big money,” Ku said.

After the session, the man would take down the victims’ contact numbers, identity card numbers and bank account numbers, purportedly to bank in their payment.

Ku said several of the victims contacted the man when the money was not banked into their accounts and he fixed appointments to meet them.

“But when they went to see him, he showed them the nude photographs and threatened to expose them if they did not have sex with him again,” he said.

“Two of the victims, who gave in to him several times, finally decided they had enough and lodged police reports earlier this week.”

Police believed he had conned and blackmailed more women but they were ashamed to come forward to lodge reports.

Ku promised them strict confidentiality, adding that they could contact DSP Choo Lily at 012-2059668.

He was speaking at the launch of Rakan Cop’s crime prevention campaign at the Pavilion shopping mall here yesterday.

Also present were City deputy police chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat and Urusharta Cemerlang Sdn Bhd (UCSB) chairman Tan Sri Zainol Mahmood.

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apuuuuu, izzit women are more easily being cheated by men? :roll:

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Professional photographer using handphone :lol:
It’s the victims too simple minded le… never see professional modelling session aa??



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The ‘photographer’ probably enchanted those girls with his charming words and empty promises.

= ( … he conned so many woman but only 2 reported … he must be a very good looking chap …eh ?

dump enough with too much superstar dream

miri photographer what are u waiting for? :mrgreen:

These are the people that’s give the real/true photographer a bad name!

what some girls would do for fame and money…

I’m wonder whether they watch drama?? All these are normal scenes which show in HK drama…

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