Woman told to leave second husband

The Syariah High Court here today granted a murafaqah (separation) order applied by a man against a couple who got married in Yala, Thailand, in 2005.
Justice Mohd Roze Abdul Wahab said Shanum Shaari, 35, must be separated from Syarif Jasin, 48, to avoid matters probihited by Hukum Syarak. He said the court granted the separation order after allowing the appeal by the womans first husband, Amir Affandy Zakaria, 39.

Amir had argued that Shanum from Kampung Sedim in Baling, was still his wife when she married Syarif. He admitted that he had divorced Shanum twice in 1996 and 1997 but in both instances, they had reconciled.

The Baling Religious Office issued the Letter of Reconciliation on Oct 24, 1997. The court ruled that the reconciliation register was valid.

Amir from Taman Kelisa Ria, Sungai Petani, told reporters that he was satisfied with the court order as justice had been served.
Last year, he sought to annul Shanums marriage with Syarif but the Kuala Muda Lower Syariah Court threw out the application. He then refered the case to the Higher Syariah Court.

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divorce 2 times? wow…why bother…

that’s … too much!~~~

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