Woman in nude squat video seeks RM10mil compensation

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/7/18/nation/14867096&sec=nation

Tuesday July 18, 2006

Woman in nude squat video seeks RM10mil compensation


KUALA LUMPUR: Please destroy the video clip of me doing ear squats in the nude.

This is the plea of Hemy Hamisa Abu Hassan Saari (pic, left), who was captured secretly on a video handphone doing ear squats in the nude at the Petaling Jaya police lock-up last year.

I want to forget the whole episode … I am embarrassed by the video. Please give me my life back, said the 23-year-old woman, who for the first time went public to tell how she felt about the incident.

Hemy Hamisa was at a press conference with her husband Kamarul Hamri Mohd Latif and father-in-law Mohd Latif Daud.

She has filed a letter of demand, through her lawyers Shukor, Baljit and Partners, to the Government and police department asking for RM10mil in compensation.

Hemy Hamisa, who delivered a baby girl four months ago, said she was still ashamed of the video.

I cannot even get out of my own house these days without getting a stare. I am scared, ashamed and embarrassed. I just dont know where to put my face when people, who suspected or knew I was the woman in the video, would stare at me with their dirty looks.

The 70-second footage surfaced in November last year. It was taken shortly after she and five others were arrested for drug offences in June last year.

The video was widely circulated through multimedia message service (MMS) and led to the setting-up of a Royal Commission to look into procedures for conducting body searches in police lock-ups.

Hemy Hamisa said she preferred to stay at home most of the time, far away from everyone who could recognise me easily.

She said she and her husband had thought about moving away from Kuala Lumpur and staying in places where people would not recognise them.

But we cannot. We have no money. I have no job. Neither has my husband, she said.

Hemy Hamisa said she had watched the video several times but each time I would hate the scene.

I hate the policeman who took the shot. I will not forgive him for the rest of my life. He is cruel to do this to me, she added.

She asked those who have the video to destroy it.

Please let me get on with my life. Dont embarrass me further. I have had enough, she said.

In Penang, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, when asked about the letter, said he had yet to be informed of the womans demands.

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