Woman drinks bleach after arguing with boyfriend

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APM personnel attend to the woman in the ambulance.

MIRI: A 34-year-old woman was taken to Miri Hospital around 11pm on Monday after she drank bleach in her rented room at Jalan Hokkien.

It is believed that the woman’s actions were triggered by an argument with her boyfriend.

A team of Civil Defence Force (APM) personnel rushed to the scene after receiving a distress call from the woman’s boyfriend at 10.28pm.

APM Miri officer Capt Mohd Hazle Shah Abdul Hamid said the team arrived at the scene at 10.35pm and found the woman unconscious.

“The team learnt that the woman had fainted after consuming bleach and they immediately took her to Miri Hospital for treatment,” he said.

In an unrelated case, a single vehicle crash involving a semi-trailer truck at Bukit Song, near Lambir around 4.30pm on Monday left the vehicle’s assistant in critical condition.

Medical personnel prepare to move the assistant into an ambulance.

The semi-trailer truck driver suffered minor injuries.

The victims, both in their 30s, were travelling from Bekenu towards Miri when the accident occurred.

Upon reaching Bukit Song, the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle while coming down the hilly road and crashed into the concrete road divider.

Medical personnel from Miri Hospital were called to the scene.

The severely injured assistant was brought to the hospital for treatment.

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