Woman can only see photo of TV after buying it

KUCHING: A photo sent to her husband via Whatsapp is the only evidence a woman has to remind her of her brand-new television after it was stolen a few hours later.

The theft was discovered around 11pm Friday when the woman and her young daughter arrived at their house in the Gita area after a dinner. She immediately realised something amiss when she saw one of the windows had been forced open and quickly called a male relative to help check the house for fear that the thieves were still inside.

After a check revealed no one was inside the house, the woman entered and saw that the perpetrators had carted away a 32-inch television – bought earlier the same evening – along with some cash, jewellery, several wristwatches and two laptops.

She lamented the fact that she did not even have the opportunity to ‘savour’ the newly-bought TV, and had only sent a photo of it via Whatsapp to her husband who is working in Miri.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/03/19/woman-can-only-see-photo-of-tv-after-buying-it/