Woman asks teen neighbour to improve hubby’s libido

KANGAR: Some wives, it appears, aim to please. No matter what it takes.

A woman who found her husbands libido waning in her presence wanted to make him happy.

So she asked her neighbours teenage daughter to give a helping hand literally.

That act has landed the unemployed man and his homemaker wife in the lock-up.

Police arrested the couple after the 15-year-old girls family lodged a report.

According to police, the girl visited the couples fishing village house to meet their three children last Saturday.

The couple were in the bedroom at that time. A short while later, the woman called the girl into the bedroom and instructed her to massage her husband.

Handing over a bottle of red massage ointment to the girl, the woman instructed her to massage her husbands genitals.

The terrified girl did what she was told, fearing she would be scolded if she did not follow instructions. When she slacked in the massaging, the woman apparently forced her to continue.

That was when the girls elder sister came by the house looking for her.

On the way home, the teenager confided in her 29-year-old sister and they later lodged a report at the Kuala Perlis police station.

Kangar district police chief Superintendent Yusof Md Diah said the case was being investigated under Section 377D for outrage of decency. Anyone found guilty under this could be jailed up to two years.

Yusof said the couple would be remanded for two weeks.


Macam2 ada… :lol: :lol:

The things ppl do these days…

OMG, what is happening to our society these days…

menage a trois…
buy the hubby prostitude lar…
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