With kindness comes love

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s first #StandTogether Kindness Concert saw Setia City Convention Centre 2 packed with people celebrating love and positivity with incredible performances by top Malaysian celebrities.

Acts like rock band Kyoto Protocol, comedian Harith Iskander, and singer/songwriter Nik Qistina took to the stage yesterday to spread positivity through their music, as campaign celebrity ambassadors hosted meet-and-greet sessions with fans.

“We’re celebrating with good vibes, positivity and good music, and it just makes me so happy to be a part of this campaign.

“Today is a day where everyone comes together and kindness wins,” said campaign ambassador Lisa Surihani.

The student-led concert also acted as a showcase – in the form of videos produced by R.AGE – of the 10 best “Kindness Projects” by students from across the country, chosen from almost 200 entries to the #StandTogether campaign’s Kindness competition.

The projects moved social media star Jinnyboy so much that he issued a call for society to become more compassionate.

“I’m here to call for a kinder Malaysia and kinder Malaysians.

“Seeing the Kindness Projects organised by students made me realise that this is the kind of Malaysia I want to live in,” he said.

SP Setia chief executive officer Datuk Khor Chap Jen hoped that the success of the movement this year would allow it grow to even greater heights.

“The campaign has gained a lot of traction this year. People are much more aware of it but the next step is for them to take action.

“Today is a good start as we had so many people pledging for kindness, but I hope when people hear about the stories shared at the concert today, they will join us as well,” he said.

The concert was the culmination of the #StandTogether National Kindness Week campaign initiated by the award-winning R.AGE team and property developer SP Setia to end hate and intolerance in Malaysia by spreading kindness.

Nearly 9,000 people registered to support the movement this year, including over 20 prominent MPs.

Unicef Malaysia deputy representative Radoslaw Rzehak said the campaign was very impressive.

At the end of the event, the title of Malaysia’s Kindest Schools went to SK Taman Maluri and SM Chung Hwa (CF), Miri in the primary and secondary categories respectively.

“We are very humbled. This win is not just for us. Every school here is a winner,” said SM Chung Hwa student Denise Lim.

Star Media Group adviser Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai said the concert was “like a breath of fresh air” after all the “dreadfulness” in the world recently.

“I really hope it will be a turning point in our country, after seeing all these young people calling for love and kindness.

“Sometimes we ‘adults’ think we know better, and a world filled with kindness is so unrealistic to us. But if you’ve seen what these students have achieved, you’d have hope as well,” he said.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/05/05/with-kindness-comes-love/