Windscreen car stickers & Car signboard for SALE

[size=150][b]Windscreen car stickers and car signboard for SALE


RM 5.00 each[/b][/size][url=][url=][url=][url=][url=]

[size=150]RM 8.00 each[/size][url=][url=][url=]

Car Signboard (suction cap are provided)
RM10.00 each

[size=150]Limited stock.Self collection only in Imperial Mall.[/size]

which shop,btw thanks for the update.

D-Optics, Level 2.Unit 2.19.Just mention car stickers. :slight_smile:

optical shop?

where izzit?

Yes.Optical Shop. Refer to :-

ok be thr at 5-6pm


nice shop, good price, great service, friendly staffs.

Thank you for your patron :slight_smile: My staff very happy with your compliment. :smiley:




I also looking for sticker XD

I will be there tomorrow afternoon, around 1pm

We welcome u :slight_smile:

ooooooooooooooooo…owner still the same ah?? i was there last time…bought miao in car sticker…tot wanna go there and buy again but shop closed down…u sitll got any more stock?? im going back to miri next month so i wanna get some of the sticker…

what time ur shop open?

:slight_smile: still same owner but different business nature. All the picture post, we got stock. Feel free to drop by and select.Thanks

what time ur shop open?[/quote]

We open from 10 am to 9pm on weekdays. 10am to 8.30pm on Sunday
Thanks :slight_smile:

will go to the shop once i arrived at miri…

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

lolol Today I just went to buy the Drifter in here sticker from him XD

Thank you!