Winds of change thwarted by money politics

ANALYSIS What is apparent from the just-concluded Sarawak election is that money talks and voters are still easily swayed by short-term gains and quick fixes, opined political analysts.

What is new? BN always resort to money politics, vote buying, disperisng projects worth millions during final hour before elections in Kapit, postal vote appear last minute, bla…bla…blaa… the list can go on and on…

The most important thing now after Sarawak Election-10 is to start campaign for CHANGE = GENERAL ELECTION!

Congratulations to Dapsy guys in Miri who just shown the door for GeORGY! Nice one…thats for being a running dog to ATM.

For Dr. Teo, you’re already a winner if not for the sudden incoming ballot boxes. We knew BN will do that, BN = Biasa Nipu…

Congratulation to Mirians who stood uo for CHANGE. LKS and Peter Chin…you’re next to go.