Windows email account

hi guys. im having this problem with my windows live/hotmail account with domain name

couple days ago my account have been blocked and to recover my account i need to contact the support team which i already did by answering all the questions to verify me as the account owner. to do this, they gave me a pin code to enter a private forum to contact the technical support team and currently waiting for them to reply.

and this morning, i received an email sent to my office email address from an unknown lady claim to make friends with me. :lol:
the funny thing is that the lady’s using address. see below:

[b]Lyana Abidin []

Hello my name is Lyana, i was going
through profiles and came across yours and i felt like contacting you cos my dad is from Malaysia and that’s make it my home country lol…I don’t mind if we can be friends? write back and let me have your email address so we can get to know more about ourselves my email id is ( have a nice day. please contact me directly on my email…Awaiting your email…Salam[/b]

look at the sender’s email address.there are something weird and fishy going on with this windows email. do you guys ever experienced what im having right now? i really need to get back this email bcoz im using it for such along time already. :frowning:

I got this email too but it was in the spam folder. Likely to be spam asking for email so you can get more spam.

mine is gmail. my gmail cant log in… keep ask me verify… then don even jump into my inbox. use it for few years d~…

follow the instruction (gmail), they will send some verification sms to your phone

i tried by sending verification to my alternate email… but… after verify and change password, i still cant log in… not jumping to the inbox page…