Willy Care Kits


The Willy Care Kit is an extremely funny grooming set for the man who has everything! He may spend hours gelling his hair and using his ‘man-products’, but how long does he really spend making sure his crown jewels are kept in mint condition?! The Willy Care Kit will guarantee every part of your man looks sharp (perhaps this is a bad choice of words!) and tidy. After a quick spit and polish with the Willy Care Kit, he’ll feel a criminal keeping it under wraps!The Willy Care Kit makes a super stocking filler, secret santa or Birthday gift! If your man likes to pamper and groom himself, then this is the novelty gift for him! Enough of the fancy glossing over - we’ll spell it out for you - the Willy Care Kit is like a mini stylist for your man’s bits and bobs! He’ll be glancing smug in the Sprucing Mirror, shearing his hair into perfect shape with the Styling Shears, fluffing 'til he can fluff no more with the Fluffing Brush and donning his ding-dong with the elegant Evening Wear Willy Chain!

What is that ring-like thing with 3 spikes pointing inward? It look very painful if you shake your willy with that thing on!

u got use meh

When the grass gets too long got to trim it right? :mrgreen: But I never seen the ring thing with 3 spikes pointing inwards - wonder what is it for? :?:

True what you said or maybe go all the way and cut it botak like what some others do.