Will Fire Fly fly to Miri?

I read Fire Fly is starting to fly from Sibu very soon. Hope they will start flying to Miri soon. AirAsia is becoming expensive, sometimes more expensive than MAS :o

Hey, we hv the same question in mind? Did email FireFly but no reply yet so far. Agreed with the fares. Budget airlines but yet still expensive (some flights) than MAS. Huh…waiting…waiting…

sure will…but maybe around end of the year only…yeah…much cheaper

Initially Fire Fly plan to start Miri KL route from 1st July this year and ticket was available for sale also. But due to some complications (which i have no idea what), they suspend the idea until further notice.

Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :smiley:

Good kah?

GTSW20: not sure wether good or not, for us 2 find out but at least it’s cheaper rite…