Wildfires flaring in Miri as hot season intensifies

MIRI: Wildfires are flaring up in the Miri Division in northern Sarawak yet again, especially in the Kuala Baram district notorious for its annual haze.

Over the weekend, the Miri Fire and Rescue Department had to deal with three separate cases of big wildfires that raged in three different locations in and around Kuala Baram.

Miri Fire and Rescue chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said his teams on the ground were alerted to the wildfires since Saturday.

“We dealt with cases of wildfires in the Piasau industrial area, Lutong and Prima Villa.

“These were fires in the forested bushland and there was another case of fire involving burning old tyres,” he said.

Senadin assemblyman Datuk Lee Kim Shin yesterday called on the local authority and the environmental authorities to bring the culprits behind these wildfires to book.

“There are certain people who go around setting fires to clear bushland due to the hot weather now.

“Some of these wildfires are believed to have been sparked off on purpose by those who use fire to clear vacant land,” Lee said.

“There are also illegal farmers who use fire to prepare for the planting season.

“The Fire and Rescue Department, the Natural Resources and Environment Board and the Environment Department must put a stop to this immediately,” he added.

On Sunday night, more bushfires flared up in several parts of the Tudan resettlement scheme.

Some bushland had burned over from Sunday to the late night and early morning hours of Monday.

Lee said he was told the bushfires were reported by the public to the Fire and Rescue Department in Miri and Lopeng.

There were numerous reports received throughout the weekend, he stressed.

Firemen acted quickly to douse these bushfires, Supt Law said, adding that the situation is being contained.

Lee, however, expressed worries that such wildfires will worsen if the weather gets drier in the coming weeks.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2018/06/19/wildfires-flaring-in-miri-as-hot-season-intensifies-firemen-battle-three-such-blazes-over-the-weeken/