Wife wanted

I’m a 35 y/old man with career, got house & car looking for a girl suitable to b my wife. Prefer gal age 25-35. Interested PM me.

hi there,i got friend who is still single and she’s looking for someone who is reliable,honest…good guy…she is 35 y/o,got job and she is kelabit girl…if you interested,do pm me…i will give her contact no to you… 8)

How much you willing to pay?

WTH… like this oso can make an advert? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

why didn’t write got money?
or no money?

this post wast very funny, when i see the tittle. LOL!!!

hahahaha…i like this advert…

if i’m not mistaken this type of topic existed few years back…

lols gam dou dak lai intro me i also wan a wife

bro try this 1

[quote=“lace”]lols gam dou dak lai intro me i also wan a wife

me too ><
type cheat code : show me the wife (as if i’m typing it in starcraft to ask players intro wife lolz)

Nothing wrong with the advert. Sometimes v r very bz with our work n hv no time to socialise. Sometimes v need a helping hand to find our partner.

Yeah I wouldnt mind getting a wife too. but I’m 37, awesome job and I love to travel ( due to my job and my nature). Oh yeah Got no house only 2 Apt in KL and got car ni miri. While in Miri i’m renting a house.

aiyoo… terdesak sudah aa? :mrgreen:

like what my coleague always say when they want to look for wife… " always hand wash…,now want to look for washing machine…" , i also dunno why they always say like that…not related at all.

Last time a guy pasted this kind of thread online and the response he got from people was: ‘You can have MINE!’ :mrgreen:

Yes,i believe in jesus,where is my vietnamese wife?

lol! asking for wife also post here ka? cannot find outside there meh?

There is no doubt it is hard meeting new people because of work/personal constraints. I believe many people thought of posting something similar but are afraid to be laughed at. I have to give credit to the poster for his courage and boldness. But remaining anonymous and safe will not get any results though. Those above 18 years of age, who wants to make new friends and are not afraid to post actual photos of themselves in their profile to obtain higher results can PM me with their email address so I can send out invitations to join my friends network on metropolis.co.jp That way, you can initiate contact with my circle of friends without paying for a VIP membership. Just trying to help here :slight_smile:

Gud luck dude!!!