Widow receives aid for her family

TBS Miri head Marini Juraibi (standing second row, fourth right) presents ‘fidyah’ assistance to Norliza, witnessed by (standing second row, from right) Julaihi, Lukanisman, Ripin and others.

MIRI: Donors from SK Anchi Miri, Permata Ummie, Night Riders Motorcycle Club and Fasha Café came to the aid of a poor widow and her family at Kampung Bakam here yesterday.

The group donated some essential food items, cash and clothes to Norliza Tara and her lot.

She has been taking care of her four children since the passing of her husband in 2014. Moreover, Norliza is also the guardian of two of her sibling’s children.

Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni, Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat, deputy mayor Julaihi Mohamad, as well as officials from Miri

City Council (MCC), Tabung Baitumal Sarawak (TBS) Miri, Welfare Department and Hamidah Charity Complex were present during the presentation of aid to Norliza.

She receives financial assistance from Social Security Organisation (Socso) but it is insufficient to cover their living expenses.

During the visit, Lukanisman said TBS Miri presented financial assistance allocated from ‘fidyah’.

In syariah, ‘fidyah’ is a fine imposed on a Muslim who is found not fasting during Ramadan due to certain reasons, or deliberately delaying ‘qada’ (replacement) of days of not fasting. This fine comes in the form of feeding the poor with a measure of basic/staple food for every day that he misses fasting during Ramadan month.

Moreover, TBS Miri would also look into helping Norliza repair her old house.

Lukanisman pointed out that Norliza had applied for Housing Project for the Hardcore Poor (PPRT) under the Rural and Regional Development Ministry, but the programme is now being put on hold.

“I really hope that the federal government woulf continue with the PPRT to ensure the needy folk like Norliza could benefit from the government’s welfare programme,” he said.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/06/03/widow-receives-aid-for-her-family/