Why Males Cannot Be Car Models

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walau…i want to vomit just to imagine boys in tights be car models…very freeky…

who have asprin? I need it…

becoz boy only suitable for becoming aeroplane model. The boys got aeroplane mah

hey,later girls might think something else later…i think boys are more suitable to be spare parts model,or heavy duty product…like ship engine,caterpillar,spare parts…or safety equipment…like hardhat and safety boots…cars,no no…if ferrari use those guy to be model…i will not but even it offer 50% price… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
guy can make advertisement for these thing lah…

i need beer 2 kill off my vision seeing guys dress up gayly n posing in those pick…vomit

Usually, most of the time, 99 out of 100, & commonly speaking, only expensive cars need models (that’s y v said ). And expensive cars mostly sold to man rather than woman, so it is quite normal to have female models than male. After all, who would wants to buy a lambo model by male models in tight outfit ? Asprin pls …

why on earth you pose these pictures??? i need beer too…

haha… this topic is interesting!!! :smiley:

If women love cars more than men then this would not be a joke…but then women would have no other things to do besides ermmmm…do what men do …like posing for safety equipments, some other power tools and heavy machinery. Anyway…I need a bottle of aspirin to get that out of my head.

Aside from the obvious, I can give another few reasons (as if anyone would care)

  1. sitting on the (expensive) cars would create a butt-dent on the car. Men are heavy.

  2. the photographer could die easily. Hiring willing photographers will cost a bomb. Yes, it’d be a hazardous job.

  3. the women would still not be interested in either the car or the men.

I can see how it would be a hit with gay men though.

my last nite dish vomit all out…is ur fault cacatkia!

hahahaa…don blame me la.

maybe a gay will buy those cars only…i cant get the picture out of my head…i cant sleep tonight,cacatkia…i want to pose those picture to your car and room,let you suffer what we suffer…

i wont suffer since i’m the one who started…hehe