Why Choose a Bitch (female dog)?

Advantages of a female:

  1. She is smaller and lighter than a male
  2. She is likely to be more docile and more affectionate than a male to her owner
  3. She has a special affinity for children and makes a sympathetic companion
  4. She is unlikely to roam or stray from home except when in season
  5. She is generally as good as her male counterpart at warning, guarding, retrieving, putting up game, and ratting
  6. She is a quick as a male, or quicker, to learn and respond to what is wanted of her
  7. She will be easier to house train then a male and will not usually territory mark in your home, your friend’s houses or in hotels

[size=85]to be continued… with disadvantages[/size]

Attitude I love the females attitude! Kira is as tough as nails but yet a sweet heart. She is only 12 weeks of age small but full of it! She heals off leash, she sits direct on command, she fronts on command and does an awesome tug. I used to own males loved them too. But give me a ■■■■■ any day!

much more intelligent… this is what i notice after having 1 female n 2 male… dnt knw how true it is though…

I have had both and I find breeding has a lot to play in the areas. My males were wonderful and would not change them what so ever.

Teka wow. Mess with mom!

This female acheived all these areas;

  1. K-9 Search and Rescue

  2. K-9 Security Patrol

  3. K-9 Narcotic dog

I had never owned a dog that could acheive all of the above before! Teka was and always wanted to be kept busy and would get bored quickly. So we had to learn new things all the time. I lost her at the young age of 6 years of age. Which took a major part of my heart no dog could ever meet her qualifications. But now I have Kira and for some reason I think she’ll be the one!

i got 2dog the big dog is the male and the small one is female

Nope, to me the females are much more troublesome compared to the male. I used to have a male poodle (got stolen), and comparing to my current female dog, the male seems more obidient and less aggressive compared to the female.

But it really depends how you brin git up. In sarawak the gender gap is still huge, people take for granted the male are tougher so you can beat them harder, and direct opposite for the female.

If you were brought up beaten everyday, won’t you return the favour? Won’t you want to stray away from your so called ‘home’? Wouldn’t you find love?

What goes around comes around.

Treat a female dog like you would on a male dog and vice versa, you will see gender does not make a difference (in our ‘general’ argument of course). SOmething like ‘men are better drivers’. I have yet to see a driver steer his wheel with his penis :mrgreen:

I think every dog is different. One of my male dogs is very affectionate too. Would lick you all over your face. =]

most importantly female dogs don’t pee on your car tires/rims :smiley: